Friday, July 8, 2011

Picobella Istore

Pernah denger?
Pernah lihat?
Pernah baca?

Gue menemukan di FB dan langsung jatuh cinta sama motif2 kainnya yg bisa dijadikan APAPUN :D seperti biasa gue langsung mengada2/membuat2/menjadikan semua keperluan maalik harus gue bungkus pake barang dr Picobella Istore, ahahak...

Tapi akhirnya gue memesan bener2 barang yg gue butuhkan ;p *pembelaan* ok gue pesan 
  • nursing cover
The special boning at the top allows mom to visualize infant latch on

Extra towel in the corner to wipe/clean your baby
 Where's Maalik??? :)
  • travel blanket
This blanket is generous and measures 85x70 cm. This perfect sized blanket can follow your baby up through the years. Perfect for the stroller, car seat or crib, or even as a play mat or changing pad. This blanket will be baby’s favorite for years to come.
100% imported cotton on one side and soft blanket on the other side.

and mine it's just like this :

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